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Indigenous Stewardship Fellow

Location:  First Alaskans Institute, Statewide & Anchorage (Office and Remotely)
Reports to:  Director, Alaska Native Policy Center
FTE / Wage:  2.0 Temporary (1-3 year) Full-Time Equivalent, $45,000 – $62,000 annual ($21.63-$29.81/hr), DOE
FSLA Designation:  TBD, DOE

Core Purpose of this Role

The work of First Alaskans Institute (FAI) with and for our Native community is rich and varied, from uplifting and growing the leadership of our peoples to targeted advocacy to protect our ways of life at all levels by advancing racial equity, social justice, and inter-generational healing. As the original and perpetual stewards of the Alaska and throughout the Pacific, Alaska Native and Indigenous peoples’ knowledge and leadership are critical to continued protection of our homelands. Wherever Alaska Native leadership and decision-making authority has been severed from Native peoples, the wound created has negatively affected the entire ecosystem– including the health and wellbeing of our Native peoples – this is further amplified through institutions and beneficiaries that continue to cause further severance. We seek to end this separation with a new pathway for healing the ecosystem with solutions driven by Native peoples. Healing these places and our peoples requires a unique approach focused onsystems change through the amplification of Native voices and leadership.

To fulfill the critical work needed to advance the Native community and the ability to protect and advance Alaska Native Ways of Life, the Indigenous Stewardship Fellow will bring a strong cultural foundation, advocacy experience and focus on protecting our ways of life across local, state, national and international Indigenous communities. The primary focus of this position will be to create a network of Indigenous and other entities supporting Indigenous-led stewardship; create a replicable model for Indigenous stewardship; identify geographies in Alaska in which there is a need, Tribal support, and Native leadership for expanding this work.

A strong Indigenous Stewardship Fellow has an inquisitive mind and culturally grounded spirit, deeply loves ourpeoples and helps in developing and implementing projects in service of our work. This position requires adaptability, and foresight to proactively plan for project timelines, while being responsive to evolving or emergent needs throughout our communities.

We look to the Indigenous Stewardship Fellow for a positive and professional attitude, as well as a strong work ethic that exemplifies the high expectations of our Native values. Essential to our team approach is finding members who are the right fit and bring the flexibility, capacity, passion, and experience necessary to contribute to the work we are honored to do for our Native community.

All FAI staff members are expected to grow their understanding of and advocacy for our Native peoples, includingaddressing social justice issues that face our communities, intergenerational trauma and healing, and uplifting ourrelationships, cultures, and languages. It is imperative that candidates for any of FAI’s positions be aware of andwilling to do their own personal work in this area in order to be prepared and ensure their work for FAI is culturally and professionally grounded.

Duties and Responsibilities

General Performance Capacities Needed for Position


Education/Work Experience

Bachelor’s degree in relevant fields for the role is required as well as a minimum of 5 years of experience in project management, program creation and implementation, administrative, and experience in general coordination and team-based projects is necessary. We prefer experience and connection with Alaska Native communities, understanding of our unique political status, governance structures, cultural and language efforts and programming, inter-generational healing, racial equity and social justice experience or interest and ability to learn, as well as advocacy and organizing skills to help coordinate across a dynamic statewide Alaska Native organization and the work we do for and on behalf of our Native peoples. Strong creative, technical writing, and presentation skillspreferred. Equivalent experience and skills may be substituted for the bachelor’s degree and other requirements as deemed appropriate by FAI to fulfill the requirements of this role.

Equipment and License needs

All FAI staff must have reliable access to a personal cell phone, internet, and a valid state driver’s license to effectively work wherever they are.

To Apply

Submit a complete* application packet that includes the following:

*Incomplete application packets will not be considered. Please email your complete application packet to [email protected] with the subject “Indigenous Stewardship Fellow”.

Applications accepted and reviewed on a rolling basis until position is filled.

FAI is a dynamic organization changing as needed to best address its goals. This job description is representative of duties at a moment in time and is intended as a “living document” updated periodically to reflect changes in job responsibilities and/or emphasis. It is not intended or implied to be an employment contract but isa method of communication to explain responsibilities, advertise the job, identify performance measures and potential training needs.

Download the position description: Indigenous Stewardship Fellow