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Elders & Youth Resolutions Workshop** 

**Mandatory workshop for EY Registered participants who may want to submit resolutions for consideration.

Monday, October 17 • 3:45 to 5:15 pm at Dena’ina Center – Tubughnenq’ 5 
Presenters:  ‘Wáahlaal Gíidaak & Qunmiġu, FAI Staff
If participants are not at the workshop and not engaged throughout, their resolutions will not be able to considered. Learn about resolutions as advocacy tools and the importance of civic engagement. Create resolutions with the guidance of fellow Elders and youth. Learn how to use your resolution to advocate for our Native peoples. Completed, timely-submitted, and approved resolutions that follow the process as directed at the workshop will be voted on by the conference attendees.

Elders & Youth Conference Resolutions Statement

In order to provide a resolution for the Elders & Youth (EY) conference attendees to consider, conference attendees are required to accept the responsibility to grow their knowledge and understanding of our intergenerational commitment to protect our ways of life, and to pass along and/or accept knowledge fromother Elders and youth involved in the process.

In agreeing to this, participants must take part in the mandatory resolution workshop on Monday Oct. 17th at 3:45pm-5:15pm to aid each other in the development of resolutions that meet the requirements for submission and consideration. This process is a learning opportunity to strengthen the advocacy of our participants. Resolutions are required to be relevant to Elders & youth, on issues they care about, must go through the Resolutions Workshop, and meet the other requirements. In drafting and submitting resolutions, the participants understand that when Natives fight Natives, someone else is winning and commit to not submitting resolutions that divide our community. The purpose of EY resolutions are to advance and strengthen Native peoples, living up to our Native values as best as they can to address the issues being put            forward. This is for us to continue to collectively indigenize processes which are not inherently part of our cultural norms.

All conference attendees are welcome to attend the workshop even if they are not planning on submitting a resolution as there will be advocacy training and opportunities to help those who want to draft resolutions. This is a hands-on workshop in learning to advocate for your community and use resolutions as a part of that important work.

EY Resolution Requirements

  1. drafters and submitters must be registered participants in the Conference,
  2. drafters and submitters must be an Elder(s)or youth conference attendee, though others are welcome to help in the drafting process, 
  3. drafters and submitters must attend the mandatory EY Resolution workshop on Monday at 3:45PM-5:15PM and prepare their resolution using the resolution process and format described herein,
  4. resolutions must be statewide in nature,
  5. resolutions must not be controversial within our community – they should not tear us apart, even if folksmay have different ideas, they cannot be something that goes against our Native values,
  6.  drafted resolutions must be presented to your regional caucus on Tuesday at 11:00AM for feedback – sharing the resolution is an opportunity for the drafters to put forward the issues they care about. While having the region’s support is important, it is not required as there may not be enough time during the breakout – what is required is that the drafter share it with the region and get feedback to consider before they finalize and submit it for review and possible consideration by the conference attendees, and
  7. must be submitted on time and in the correct format, as shared and announced during the mandatory    Resolutions Workshop. The resolutions must be emailed to the correct person no later than the deadline. The email address will be provided at the workshop.

First Alaskans Staff will make the final determination on whether resolutions meet the requirements noted herein. If approved, they will move forward in the process for consideration. If not approved, drafters will be notified and told why, and if the drafter wants, FAI Staff can help after the conference to re-shape it for future use or other resolution opportunities the drafter may seek. 


The deadline for final submission is 6:00PM on Tuesday, October 18th. Resolutions will not be accepted past this date/time.

*IMPORTANT UPDATE:  The submitter of a resolution may include in their resolution a request to have it transmitted to other organizations, such as AFN. This year, if a resolution requests that it be transmitted to AFN, it is the submitters responsibility to follow AFN’s requirements to have it considered at their December 2022 board meeting. Contact the Alaska Native Policy Center at [email protected] with any questions.


Tsíná’ęę for engaging in the Elders & Youth Conference resolutions process!