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INDIGENIZE IT! Culture. Language. Identity.

First Alaskans Institute celebrated Alaska Native intellect and encouraged young people and Elders during the 27th Anniversary of First Alaskans Institute’s Elders & Youth Conference held Oct. 18-20, 2010, in Fairbanks. The conference theme was INDIGENIZE IT! Culture. Language. Identity.

Keynote Speakers
Eliza Jones, Koyukon Athabascan
Keggulluk Earl Polk, Yup’ik
Candace Branson, Sugpiaq
Maka Monture, Tlingit and Mohawk

Registered Participants 
Below is a breakdown of registration percentages by region:

4% from the Ahtna Region
2% from the Aleut Region
21% from the Arctic Slope Region
8% from the Bristol Bay Region
6% from the Bering Straits Region
10% from the Calista Region
3% from the Chugach Region
4% from the Cook Inlet Region
19% from the Doyon Region
7% from the Koniag Region
10% from the NANA Region
4% from the Sealaska Region
Less then 1% from the 13th Region
1% of registrants were not affiliated with a Region.

Exhibitor Information
Alaska Native Professional Association (ANPA) and First Alaskans Institute would like to thank the 79 participating non-profit and profit organizations for making the 2010 Expo a sucess. The Elders & Youth Services/ Business Expo was open to the participants of the First Alaskans Elders & Youth Conference, as well as to the public. The Expo set-up allowed for a hospitable atmosphere while providing networking opportunities and organizational promotion.

The Elders & Youth Council members who planed the 2010 conference include:

Elders: Mary Bourdukofsky (Aleut), Lucille Lincoln (Ahtna), Etok Edwardsen (ASRC), Daniel Karman (Bering Straits), Ina Bouker (Bristol Bay), Peter Jacobs (Calista), Gloria Wik (CIRI), Feona Sawden (Chugach), Anna Frank (Doyon), Teressa Muller (Koniag), Grant Ballot (NANA), and Della Cheney (Sealaska).

Youth: Raylene Kochuten (Aleut), Zach Martin (Ahtna), Josiah Patkotak (ASRC), Maddy Alvanna-Stimfle (Bering Straits), Damien Lockuk (Briston Bay), Catherine Jackson (Calista), Josie Jones (CIRI), Shyla Krokoff (Chugach), Laura Fox (Doyon), Kayla Christiansen (Koniag), Audrey Ashby (NANA), and Nick Dixon (Sealaska).

A special thank you to our Conference Planning Committee:

Flossie Spencer (Inupiaq), Greta Schuerch (Inupiaq), Michon Alvarez (Athabascan), Tim Argetsinger (Inupiaq), Shirley Tuzroyluke (Tlingit/Nisga’a), Sharity Sommer (Athabascan), and Stephanie Thomoson (Athabascan/Yup’ik).

Thank you to our major contributors!