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Respect for Native Life: Restoring Balance & A Sense of Belonging

Learning language, culture and dance

Learning language, culture and dance

Native Life: Our land, our values, and our cultures are the foundation for who we are as Native peoples.

Sense of Belonging: To ensure, regain, and restore healthy communities, we need to know our languages and histories; and we need to know the importance of being Alaska Native. When we know these things we know we are okay and that we belong.

Restoring Balance: Our Elders teach us that we live a healthy life when we make good choices for ourselves and when we contribute to our family and to our community. We know it is time to choose to live a healthy life.

Elders & Youth Council Members:

Elders: Anna Frank (Doyon), Willie Goodwin Jr. (NANA), John Reft (Koniag), Daniel Karmun Sr. (Bering Straits), Florence Sheakley (Sealaska), Feona Sawden (Chugach), Roy Tansey Sr. (Ahtna), Dana Kopanuk (Calista), Jason Bourdukofsky (Aleut), Harry Barnes (Bristol Bay)

Youth: Tina Thomas (Doyon), Lexi Staheli (NANA), Fawn Renee Chya (Koniag), Katelynn Evan (Bering Straits), Amber Lampe (Sealaska), Sean O’Brien (Chugach), Lorna David (Ahtna), Jaylene Pequeno (Calista), Nadia Melovidov (Aleut), Max Wassille (Bristol Bay).

A special thank you to our Conference Planning Committee:

Ted Mayac Sr. (Elder), Deborah Dommick (Youth), Maniksaq Baumgartner, Ethan Schutt, Valerie Davidson, Tiffany Tutiakoff, and Rocky Estrada.

Thank you to our major contributors!

Conference Documents & Presentations

(2,209 KB)
2006 Conference Agenda
2006 Elders & Youth Conference Conference Agenda.

(390 KB)
2006 Final Conference Report
2006 Final Elders & Youth Conference Report.
Conference Presentations
   »Workshop Notes from Boarding School Roundtable (24 KB)
   » Meth Watch Power Point (932 KB)
   » Village Council Meeting Skit (59 KB)
   »Keynote Address by Debra Dommek (24 KB)
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