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Embracing Tomorrow with the Strength of Our Elders

Sharing the strength of Native culture

Sharing the strength of Native culture

First Alaskans Institute hosted the 2005 AFN/First Alaskans Elders & Youth Conference held in Fairbanks, Alaska at the Carlson Center on October 17-18, 2005.

First Alaskans Institute in partnership with the Alaska Federation of Natives and the Fairbanks Convention and Visitors Bureau presented the Elders & Youth Conference. The 2005 AFN General Convention theme was Follow the Light: Native Ways of Knowing and focused on Alaska Native education.

The Elders & Youth Conference theme Embracing Tomorrow with the Strength of Our Elders reflected the AFN theme. Our Elders knew that we had to be strong in mind, body, and spirit, and that our people had to be disciplined to survive each day. Now, as we prepare for tomorrow, Alaska Native youth recognize that the strength of our Elders and of our heritages will connect us to the past and guide us to the future.

2005 Elders & Youth Council Members:

Willie Goodwin (Kotzebue), Iver Malutin (Native Village of Afognak), Dorothy Kickenson (Nome), Isabella Brady (Sitka), Marlene Johnson (Juneau), Dana Kopanuk (Bethel), Candace Branson (Kodiak), Danielle Hopkins (Cordova), and Duane White (Hoonah).

A special thank you to our Conference Planning Committee:

Rhonda Joseph (Chair), Poldine Carlo, Perry Ahsogeak, Judy Evans, Annie Huntington-Kriska, Bernice Joseph, Rachel Graybeal, and Kat Spontak.

Thank you to our major contributors:

Conference Documents & Presentations

(54 KB)
2005 Conference Agenda
2005 Elders & Youth Conference Conference Agenda.
Conference Presentations
   »Keynote Address: Valuing Education in and out of the Classroom (19 KB)
   » Current Status of Underage Drinking in Alaska From the Perspecti (81 KB)
   » Effects of Methamphetamine Use (2,469 KB)
   » Paddling Together to Prepare Young Leaders (26 KB)
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