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First Alaskans Institute (FAI) is excited to accept applications for an Indigenous Stewardship Fellow! This 1-3 year, full-time equivalent fellowship with FAI is to fulfill critical work needed to advance the Native community and the ability to protect and advance Alaska Native Ways of Life.

The Fellow will be charged with developing groundwork to help strengthen Alaska Native stewardship of Alaska waters, with an emphasis on the ocean, and the understanding all water and land systems are connected. This fellowship is intended to work across Indigenous Nations, sectors, organizations, and other partners to build relationships and develop organizing entities or structures that harness Indigenous political status and/or racial status opportunities across the Pacific that advance Native ways of life, and ensure Native peoples are leading through our stewardship, voice, and political power. The Fellow will advocate, educate and outreach about Indigenous stewardship and mechanisms to enhance these opportunities. Travel to other Indigenous territories to learn how others are confronting or innovating around similar challenges is anticipated, as appropriate due to the pandemic. The fellowship will culminate with a final report detailing the process, creation, and building of this international collaborative effort to embody Indigenous ways of life and ways of knowing through Indigenous stewardship of the Pacific Ocean. Questions? Contact us at 907-677-1700 or [email protected].

If interested, please submit a resume and cover letter to [email protected].

Download a PDF flyer: Indigenous Stewardship Fellow