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Split the Pot Raffles

ahnuu dAXunhyuu AXAkihya’ iLka’ GAdAqeeLinuu (Eyak) translates to “side by side in the same direction the people go by canoe.” This theme amplifies the importance of being in solidarity during this pandemic and a polarizing time in our state and nation. It is an empowering example of breaking the reins of colonization by Indigenizing all aspects of life and forever practicing the ways of our peoples.

By participating in this raffle you are helping to support the work we do. These raffles are a small part of our 2021 10th Annual Howard Rock & Ted Stevens Smokehouse Virtual Gala events. We hope you join us as we celebrate Native Heritage Month, honor and uplift our peoples and artists, and raise funds to continue to do our work. All proceeds go towards advancing Alaska Native ways of life, ensuring Alaska Native peoples are involved in decision-making at all levels, and cultivating our leadership responsibility from birth to Ancestor.  

The Prize: 

How to Enter:


Download the rules here (PDF).