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“Native Minds Shaping Our Future”

The Alaska Native Policy Center (Policy Center) is a project of the First Alaskans Institute created to support the Native voice and perspective in the public policy-making process. The Policy Center connects people and ideas producing knowledge that can be used to understand and improve the lives of Alaska Natives and all Alaskans. The Policy Center uses a proactive and forward- thinking approach, a focus that is statewide, and a relationship with the Native community that helps Alaska Native leaders and other policy makers access information they can use to help achieve healthy, thriving communities.

“We need to be in those uncomfortable conversations about what is at risk in order to know what it is were willing to fight for.” Participant of a 2015 ANPC Think tank on “Protecting Our Ways of Life”.

First Alaskans Institute’s Commitment:

“Native Minds Shaping Our Future”
The Policy Center will provide Native leaders and other policy makers with the best available knowledge in order that Alaska Natives be proactively involved in – and influence – the education, economic and social policy issues that impact our future as 21st century indigenous peoples.

Major Goals

Expand the Policy Center’s research and analysis capacity to provide accurate, credible information for Alaska Native leaders and other policy makers as a tool in developing policy initiatives that improve the lives of Alaska Natives including:

The Policy Center currently is working to expand its ability to provide information and data on Alaska Natives at a statewide and regional level. This kind of information can be used as a tool in developing and measuring the impact of policies and programs, resource allocation, and for short term and long term planning.

Current Policy Center projects include:

The Policy Center is also developing a “Getting Behind the Numbers” program. The purpose of this program is to answer questions raised by the data, to develop a research and analysis capacity within the Native community, to build leadership and networks within the field of research and analysis in our communities. Past “Getting Behind the Numbers” projects can be found in our website Library.

Barbara ‘Wáahlaal Gíidaak Blake (Haida/Tlingit/Ahtna Athabascan) is the Alaska Native Policy Center Director.

Contact the Alaska Native Policy Center at 907-677-1700 or [email protected]