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Who We Are

The First Alaskans Institute (FAI) is a statewide Alaska Native nonprofit focused on advancing Alaska Native ways of life, ensuring Alaska Native peoples are involved in decision-making at all levels and cultivating leadership from birth to Ancestor. We serve as a catalyst, convener and collaborator on issues impacting all Alaska Natives through hosting dialogues and gatherings on a diverse range of topics across our state. As a small organization with a dynamic scope of work, our values-driven commitment to serving our community is inherent in all we do, including walking our talk by continually Indigenizing the management and operations of our work. 

All of our work is done using the guiding principles set forth by our five strategic priorities: 

Our Vision

Progress for the next 10,000 years…

Our Mission

True to identity, heritage, and values, Alaska Natives are informed and engaged in leading the decisions that shape the future.

Our Values

Native Knowledge

Operating Truths and Principles

Strategic Priorities Guidance

We are responsible for carrying more than 10,000 years of ancestral knowledge into the future.  With rigor, humor, resilience, healing, vigilance, and love, we seek to practice this in all we do in the world around us.

As an organization, we amplify the self-determination of our peoples and work to unify the collective strength of our community.

We prepare Native leaders so they can advance our collective vision of healthy, happy, thriving Native communities.

By stewarding strong relationships across the state and sharing our knowledge, Alaska will become universally recognized and valued as a Native place.

Through First Alaskans, we are honored to work alongside our community to perpetuate and care for our peoples, homelands, and ways of life.

Download the 2017-2021 First Alaskans Institute Strategic Plan (PDF).

If you’d like information about our strategic plan, our strategic planning process, or want to share this work with others, please email us at [email protected]. We are happy to connect about it.

Board of Trustees