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Kacey Purruq Qunmiġu Hopson (Iñupiaq)

Indigenous & Governmental Affairs Manager

Kacey Purruq Qunmiġu Hopson (Iñupiaq) is the daughter of Muriel Qutuk Hopson from Ulġniq (Wainwright) and Safdar Hussain from Kashmir, Pakistan. She was born and raised in Utqiaġvik and Anchorage and graduated from Pomona College with a bachelor’s degree in Public Policy Analysis. Qunmiġu recently served as an AmeriCorps VISTA Volunteer at FAI where she was focused on helping to diversify and increase the long-term sustainability of the organization. Prior to FAI, she was a Summer Policy Associate with the Environmental Equity team at the Greenlining Institute, where she developed her skills in race equity advocacy and public policy research.

Qunmiġu is dedicated to advancing political, social and economic frameworks grounded in indigenous ways of knowing as a pathway for a more regenerative, equitable society. As the Indigenous Knowledge Advocate, she will identify and carry out critical knowledge sharing, research, analysis, and advocacy to produce technical and culturally relatable content that tells the true history of Alaska, and speaks to the hearts and minds of Alaska Native and broader Alaskan communities on issues that impact us.

Hear how to pronounce Qunmiġu.